Who is to blame?

i always wondered why we always end up with all of the ■■■■, what happened to china? they just sit back and watch it all happen, don’t even care.

Sounds like a paranoid concern…

Hell no they don’t! China is the original consumer and still probably the largest consumer of Afghanistan’s opium trade…imagine how America has a coke trade?? Okay china has that in opium…no joke okay. Even Bruce Lee’s father smoked an opium pipe every day. So America has Columbia, china has Afghanistan…think about that. Makes sense that perhaps the Chinese helped the ruskies get to Afghanistan.

YES ADMIN…it’s a paranoid concern. I have so…many…dangerous and powerful voices in my head that I have manic episodes about…I’d say three times a day.

I assure you regardless of the stymieing of politics there won’t be any heavy lay down of strict republican laws if the senate is taken over in November. The republicans will not win another presidential election at least for 10 more years. So I feel safe.

You think republicans are the enemy?? Sadly sir! I am aware of Obama, yet shouldn’t we by now have a multitude of presidential candidates instead of the limited dog and pony show of the lesser evil?


Should you be considered a terrorist if you threw your copy (that you owned) of the constitution away?

Because I did that once, and they say in my head I’m going to the pit man.

My mother and father are republican. I’m too well informed to vote republican. Democrats save the poor and the elderly.

Everyone - this isn’t a political discussion board - please don’t start focusing on purely political blame games. Schizophrenia is complex enough and the systems’ failure to help people with schizophrenia also complex enought - that simple blaming statements are not helpful.


sorry @SzAdmin. I was out of line. I apologize.

i really hate politics, messes with my head tbh

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