Who is to blame?


dayum. I dunno what’s real anymore…Hope Obama, nevermind.

is it a conspiracy or something? conspiracies kind of mess with my head so i try and ignore them tbh all i know is that i hate all of these politicians thinking they can tell us what to do, over here in the uk its getting like communism i think, like we have no free will and we are controlled in every way, thats why i am a rebel lol i believe in God not the political will of the time.

sorry, i just can’t watch these videos (no offence) why don’t you talk about it?

Okay, it’s just comedy about brit police officers in reno Nevada. It’s just showing comically how tough they are because they don’t need guns. Do you think the british empire is entwined with American policy? I do. I feel we are still a big conglomerate reporting to the crown truthfully…that and reporting to Israel…no offense to either I see ourselves as a (triumvirate) on the global bock.

Icon for British MI5 (considerable to federal bureau of investigation)…what are your feelings about our international relations as a whole when it comes to our illness…do you think your and my governors give a shite?

NATO… That is how I feel.

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That’s sure a dog and pony show huh??? We all dance around trying to be some nation alliance and they can’t ever get it right…I mean look at turkey over the French Armenian genocide problem…hardly anyone knows about it!

So what if were that compartmentalized (faction) that just went under the radar…you think NATO gives a ■■■■?? I don’t. And DOJ white paper…doesn’t make me feel good knowing about the boys (that are stupid enough…), that enforce the mess…

i don’t really think about it or i try not too lol,

i try and stay away from anything that might trigger a delusion or delusions,

the recent political activity here really fkd me up but i just managed to keep it together, it was frightening and something that had been building for a long time and something i don’t want to repeat.

I meant we are ran by NATO. The US barely exists anymore.

Hey I love the mayor of London, do you? He’s a witty prick huh?

Then we would have stomped out the middle east in the name of America and America would have been allocated the world. NATO is just a hive of haters swirling around in paperwork that’s never mustered and bites each other in my thoughts…

lol i thought you meant peace keepers lol

Peace keepers my ass. They pull strings everywhere, but hey, don’t listen to me, I’m crazy.

oh him lol he gives me the shits lol

sometimes the power goes to their heads lol

Peace keepers? You ■■■■■■’ right they are! Where was nato besides a few detachments (to me) of Italians, Romanians, Taiwanese…I don’t even know what they were doing there! The Italians just sat at a dinner table and drank wine (jealous of those pricks), the Romanians were gate guards in khandahar probably for the bazaar…I mean I NEVER saw the face of adversity in the war alongside foreigners. Except afghan nationals…


SO I do admire NATO for flipping the bird to the US cause all this war was avoidable and horse ■■■■ in my opinion. I was operation enduring freedom rotation 3. The year 2003, and I’m glad NATO tightened it’s belt for not the sake of America…but the world…