Who is the best chess player in history? It depends how you look at it

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I recently saw this documentary on Amazon Prime about Norwegian chess player, Magnus Carlsen who became a World Chess Champion. It was an interesting documentary.

Just like science is built on science, chess knowledge is built on chess knowledge. Thus I don’t think there’s a definitive answer to the question of who is the greatest chess player in history.

As an aside, engines have reduced the opening to memorization, so that’s why I like Fischer Random, aka Chess960.

I think Ivanchuk is a very creative player, probably the best chess player never to be a champion.

Kasparov is good.

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Yet there is something beautiful about Deep Blue’s ultimate victory over him, and you could argue, over mankind.

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When I play chess,
I feel as if I am me and opponent too,
all pawns and pieces.
No one really wins or loses.
It’s only me

I think that’s called stalemate.


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