Who is so much isolated from the world?

i am isolated since 14 years. does somebody lives the same way? my friends dont understand this… i just succeeded to obtain a Bachelor from 2002 to 2005…i finished prefering the loneliness but its to a point that i can hardly talk to others… i am almost hiding from them if i go to the shop… i cant go to therapys, i am tired trying everything… is there hope? i dont see it anymore… still taking my haldol though…

I’ve always interacted with others only when I can’t avoid it, mainly because of an anxiety disorder. I don’t think I am easy for other people to be around, and I have a hard time being with other people. So, why not oblige both sides, and stay away from people? I have found out that I can’t be totally isolated though. I get a little schizy when I do that. I think I have about the right amount of social interaction where I am.

yeah but seeing 3 people since 13 years? and one of them is my mom… i became a prisonner, like a veteran of the war. i am afraid that it will last…

I enjoy being a recluse. I still interact with people online, though. I’m looking forward to when my mother moves back to her home state, as it’d be the first time in years I have genuinely been separated from under her “authority”.

I’ve been alone for 4 months now, but I hear the neighbors moving all the time and also live near a high school & middle school, so there’s always some conscious activity going on in this community. I don’t feel completely “alone” because of that much…

I’d recommend a therapist, even though you say you can’t stand it. If you’re feeling that much loneliness - as in you don’t want to be alone - that’s the most I can recommend

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I don’t feel alone on this website. My therapist said this counts as socializing.