Who is single?

i am a single male, age 34, 200lbs


Am single, 35 year old male. 250+lbs.


I’m unmarried

Female 47 all my shots 160 pounds


Male, 28, 280ish lbs.

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Yep I’m a single pringle and I am not ready to mingle.


dysfunctional relationship - partnered - since 1969

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Is anybody else confused by that?

Sex: male Age: 30 height:184 cm weight: 270 pounds and single


I am single and ready to mingle! :smiley:

We dudes are prone to mingle a lot! It’s in our genes!


I’m a male age 31 200lbs.

@ChildOfFate and @sirBoring you mean

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Single but not really looking atm.

I don’t know what “single and ready to mingle” specifically means! :laughing:
It just rhymes and sounds cool! but eventually, someone’s going to tell me its explicit meaning and I’m going to feel great shame for saying the phrase so much… :disappointed_relieved:

The voices never let me feel single.

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I always thought it had something to do with trying to mingle at parties in an attempt to woo the opposite sex or some such.

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It just means you’re open to the idea of dating. No dirty slang here!

But watch out for the phrase “Netflix and chill.” That one tricked me.

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@ninjastar did you tell the authorities…? :disappointed_relieved:

getting tricked like that is not cool. one of the reasons why I’m okay with being a dude who’s not too social and festive. I don’t think I want to be that kind of trickster.

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I would assume that means watching netflix and hanging out or something like that. But the context makes me think that it means something dirty.

If you invite someone over for Netflix and chill, what you’re really asking them is if they want to have sex with you. Young people and their slang…

single 26 years old female 145 pounds 5’4" I’ve only been in one three month relationship while i was psychotic and in college. I’m not really looking for a partner right now, basically because I’m too much of a coward to drive a car anywhere new by myself even with a gps, because I want to get a bachelor’s degree first, and because the meds have made it so I have absolutely no sex drive anymore. i take 40 mg of abilify a day and two other meds.

Single young mother right outta cliché here.
I don’t even have Netflix and I can’t chill.