Who is on medicare

Who here is on Medicare does it cover your meds? Do you have to pay for it?

@johpollck, I’m on Medicare. It covers either 80 or 90% I’m not sure which. And no, it doesn’t cover meds until you are 65 years old. And I don’t know what percentage it covers. And yes, you have to pay premiums.

I have medicare/medicaid. I have part A and part B for medicare.
I don’t have any copays for my medications.
I’m not sure who pays for my medications, I think it’s my medicaid that does.

Do you have a spenddown with medicaid? I do and I only have 900 dollars income a month my spenddown is 2400 dollars

I pay for Medicare. Straight Medicare doesn’t cover meds. So I pay for a Medicare advantage plan and it offers med coverage. But lots of meds have copays. Then, once the amount I pay AND the amount the Medicare advantage plan pays for my meds combined reaches $3750, I go into the donut hole as they call it and have to pay half the cost of all my meds until I reach the catastrophic phase and I pay less again. All Medicare advantage plans work like that.

I don’t have any premiums with my insurances.

Spenddown is like a deductible

I don’t think I have a deductible. I don’t pay for anything.

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I pay $6 to what usually is a $120 on my medication. Can’t complain really :man_shrugging:t3:

I get Medi-cal and Medi-Care.
With my insurance plan I rarely pay for meds. Only a little over a dollar for most, about $3.00 for brand names.
No co-payments for doctors visits, dental, or vision, etc.

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