Who is here similar to me

i still have voices even after 12 years now
they never stop but they r milder
i tried to suicide twice
idk if they will stop like some ppl here oneday
anyone can tell me if they will stop or not ?


my brain become like person who carry load caused by threats and talk in my brain
i thought to suicide today becoz of their humiliation

i m insulting them

I still have voices after 4 years i doubt they will ever go away

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Have them all my life… so as far as I can remember. But they grew in intensity in the last two years. At first i thought everyone had it, but wasn’t the case as my psych said to me.
The intensity lessened a bit due to meds, as at one point, I heard about a million voices. And this is serious, it was completely overwhelming me. Then I smashed my entire interior to pieces and almost committed the dreaded act multiple times. That was a major event and scared my neighbours. So voices are there, but often not so much as a million. The whispers are still there… like little winds as I call them now. I hope that I never experience that amount of voices because it lasted for about 6 months and it was pure hell.

Other than that, the other voices popup from time to time, all my life in every conversation there are at least 3, and this makes me want to isolate because it bothers me. The meds brought them down and now I can hold a conversation, but it is still draining.

Hope it helps.

Maybe the volume will go down and they get to be quiet voices.

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Don’t expect the voices to disappear. Certainly not on their own. When you hear “the voices” and respond to them, or your mood or your perception of events changes, because of what you heard, it means that you lost a battle.

In order to regain even a fraction of sanity you must find ways to reduce the influence of “the voices” on you. Thousands of people hear voices. Find a person who has a case similar to you and learn what coping mechanisms they employ. Maybe something will fit.

From personal experience, this is a list of absolute minimum requirements before getting any better.

  • identify your triggers;
  • avoid your triggers at all costs; if it requires you to change your routine, habits, avoid certain people or certain topics, do so;
  • have a strict daily regime, make sure you go to bed early and get enough sleep; do household chores, grooming, cooking, any physical labor or exercise;
  • eat simple food, like porridge or soups, and at a schedule;
  • if you have access to a hospital, contact a professional there and let him prescribe meds; take your meds exactly;

If you do nothing, you will get nothing, and voices will just remain.


I haven’t had a single day without voices in the last 10 years. But in the last couple of months they haven’t bothered me much.

Let’s keep it that way.

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The key is to make the voices “not bother you”. We hear chatter in pubic transport and on the streets every day for our whole life, but it does not bother us. The voices-in-the-head are completely different. They cannot be ignored and will always impact the mood and decision making.

The primary goal then is not to make the voices disappear entirely but make the person who hears the voices ignore them.

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Sorry to hear that @saynow

I have them if I lower my dosage too much or go on a med that doesn’t work.

When I lowered my olanzapine I heard voices.

When I switched to ability I had visual hallucinations.

I am now on lurasidone and am doing well.

My second psychiatrist told me that when men turn 40 (around that age) schizophrenia symptoms tend to improve.For women they tend to get worse.

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