Who is having coffee right now

I am, I enjoy my afternoon coffee. Some coffee time chatting about the weather, it is raining, the fall is here.

:coffee: I am
An espresso

It’s sunny here

This is the kind of day I usually pass out in, humid, but chilly, and slightly rainy, very overcast. My coffee is brewing right now.

I had three cups this morning.

I have been in Lisbon once, I do not recall many cafes, do you have there cafes in the same way Paris has? I stayed in Lisbon 1-2 days and then continued to Southern Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar. Here where I am in Northern Europe we have many cafes, even though my town is quite small.

There’s lots of them. Just on my neighbourhood there’s about 10 of them.
Did you enjoy Lisbon? It’s a great city for turists.

It was a good trip in 1998, we, I and my former US wife, traveled from Atlanta to London and then to Lisbon where we rented a car and continued to Southern Portugal, which was nice, and then to Tarifa, Spain, Gibraltar to see monkeys and then to Costa Del Sol and then back to Portugal.

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Really cool trip, where did you go in the south? Algarve or Alentejo?

Algarve, Sagres, Faro, Tavira and then when we traveled back from Spain to Portugal we visited Capela dos Ossos.

Cool! Did you went to Tavira’s island? It’s beautiful there

We went to some major beach area there in Southern Portugal near Tavira. We took photos, but when we had the divorce in the US my former US spouse got all photos.

Oh, that’s too bad. I haven’t been to Algarve in years, it’s always full of people in the summer time. It’s best to go during spring or in the beggining of fall. I went camping here:

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Have you been in Gibraltar? I liked those monkeys/apes.

No I haven’t, would love to though. Most likely I’ll go someday :smile:

I used to travel a lot when I was in my 20s and early 30s. Just in one year in 1998, I went to Portugal/Spain/Gibraltar/UK, Costa Rica, few trips to Miami, to Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Mexico, Charleston (US state) and so on.

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Wow, that’s a lot of travel! I love to travel too, when I can I travel somewhere. This year I might go to China for christmas, not sure yet. I was born there, been to Thailand, Philipinnes, Beijing, Tawain, Hong Kong, Macau, and in Europe been in London, some cities in Germany and Spain, Madrid and Barcelona and some border towns. There’s also the idea of going on a drive to Marocco this year but I don’t think I can save the money I need until then.

Already been in Marocco, and the Canary Islands

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I have never been in Asia, my travels have been in Latin America, Northern America, Western Europe and the Soviet Union when it still existed.

Would love to travel the americas! Dream trip for sure :smile:

I lived there in Americas from 1989 to 2002, close to 13 years. It was easy to travel from Atlanta to other places. I was different then, but then I became ill, I have not traveled anywhere now in 13 years and not planning of traveling

Some of my most memorable trips were the champagne flights to all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Basically during the flight from Atlanta to Montego Bay they served some sparkling wine, it was fun.

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That sounds like fun. I still want to visit many places. Would like to travel to Africa as well, maybe Mozambique :smile:

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