Who is focused on his illness?

i think a lot about it. it s a real masoschism in fact… dont know why its like that…

is this a symptom or its more like loneliness?

I was hyper focused on my diagnosis, but it seems that my pdoc is now leaning towards a concrete diagnosis for me.

It is becoming more apparent that I suffer from Schizoaffective disorder, this is now my official diagnosis.

but did you thought a lot about it? i will get an headache, i think a lot about it,talk a lot about it…help! say that the meds can relieve this thinking…

I was obsessed with my diagnosis for the first couple of years. One thing I have noticed since being on this forum - what I considered my own weird and stupid ways are often common amongst other people on here and it’s not just me being odd but actual symptoms. What I would have given for this forum in the early days of my diagnosis.


i feel depressed right now cause i am trying with meds since 5 years and no progress… its a pity,■■■■…

Abruptly coming off ap will make u ill before u get better

is 1,5 mg of haldol will not be enough? its the smallest dose. yeap, i am stoping clozapine shellys. but when i was on zyprexa i didnt feel better, i am afraid… i was so paranoid and miserable…

:cry: zyprexa didnt helped me a lot in the past,i will live in this eternal hell of desperation and envy and anger…

It’s not even been a week on haldol
When u see pdoc again

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i am not sure still. shte didnt gave me an appointment

I used to focus on it… every little thing… but putting it on the back shelf and finding the me under the illness helped me.

Me first… Sz second.

Plus… there were times when I was going through a physical illness and just blamed it on my Sz… when it had nothing to do with my Sz…

That helped me put it on the back shelf and focus on going forward… not being stuck.

Good luck and I hope the best for you

Oh boy do I exhibit symptoms of being obsessed with schizophrenia.

I even have schizophrenia.