Who hurt you the most?

Who in your life has hurt you the most?

I think my mum hurt me the most.

She broke my heart so many times.

The things she said and did.

I take her as she is and love her unconditionally.
Her bad sides has its charm sometimes too I guess.:open_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Me. By far.

I had a privileged, weakly principled upbringing and utterly destroyed myself with it.

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One of my mom’s boyfriend’s. All kinds of stuff I won’t mention here. But at least pokemon and yoyos were around when I was a kid or I wouldn’t have made it this far lol.

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A boy who met in the hospital,he helped me a lot there with my delusions.He has bipolar disorder,we had a relationship for several months.He broke with me without no reason and broke my heart because I love him

the ones you love will hurt you bad, but god him self , like never had. the devil trys , but the hurt I see comes from me,

He was so nice with me in the hospital while I was so crazy and ugly!Now my pain is mine I know

She always put her men and sex before me and said she regrets giving birth to me I ruined her life etc.

I think boyfriends and friends have broken my heart too but no one as often as my mum.

Love her unconditionally though.

My father. He abused me physically, but mostly emotionally and verbally

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My ex-boyfriend, Hans.
He was verbally, physically and borderline sexually abusive.
Nothing I ever did was good enough for him, everything pissed him off, and he expected me to save and/or fix him, yet got furious at my every attempt to do so.
I tried to leave him many times, but he would always threaten to commit suicide or get himself addicted to heavy drugs if I did.
When I finally did leave him, he stalked me for months.

He was also sz, but would rather smoke weed than take his meds. I watched him deteriorate into delusions and hallucinations, and he would get furious if I tried telling him maybe what he was experiencing wasn’t real.

He constantly belittled me and made me feel like my opinion didn’t matter.
He forced me to do drugs.

By the time I got away from him, I was a shell of a person. I had gotten so used to not being allowed to speak, have an opinion, have an interest, have a preference, that I was basically just a mindless ghost.

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I learned at a young age from my dad that a woman’s value was based on whether she could give a man good sex and a woman had better be hot.

My dad went to another state for work when I was a little kid. While he was gone my mother slept with no less than 3 men. So I learned ■■■■ from my mother too.

But there’s this thing called forgiveness. My father’s a good man now. And by the time mommy died she was a very wholesome woman

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Probably the stalkers. “But theyre just in your mind you dumb schizo”.

Yeah, sure, whatever…

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Thiefs when I was a child. Adult thiefs who stole my bike and other toys when I played in the streets before the age of 10.

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Probably my family, I guess. But I’m not sure.

My mother. I hurt her pretty badly, though. In a lot of ways she was very understanding, but other things she didn’t have a clue. My older brother and me put our mom through the ringer, emotionally. We both did a lot of drugs.

How? Aren’t you living with your parents?

Yes, I am. I’m not sure how. Probably disappointment. I don’t interact with anybody else besides my family. I don’t have any friends.

I did. I dont like myself at all. I hurt myself and i hurt the people around me. Badly.

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