Who here was diagnosed pre-1996?

Just wondering what some of the other SZ long-haulers thought about the way things have changed. I remember no atypicals, restraints and B-52s handed out like candy, the nurse who when she’d had enough of your shitt would give you some Thorazine syrup so you shut the hell up. I remember dingy places, paint peeling, and cruel, apathetic staff.

How about you? What old-school psych tricks do you remember from days of yore?


I feel bad for you guys. I feel super bad for the schizophrenics before Clozaril and APs more though. It’s tough growing up. We have it pretty good now. Sort of like society was harsh back then and judgemental and cruel.

It does. I got threatened with ECT a few weeks ago. I very clearly denied that. Seen devastating outcomes from ECT. Please don’t zap my brain, that’s not what it’s there for.


I was put on Stelazine, Dx’ed 1987, and after being on it for a year it started to make my thoughts crawl along at a snail’s pace. I went off it unadvised and promptly relapsed and become extraordinary suicidal while untreated. Luckily my dr got me on sulpride and it was like night and day. Had a mostly very happy life after that point and never went off my meds ever again. I learned my lesson: stay on the meds.


I remember being tape recorded and asked a ton of questions while being manic and out of my gourde by these psych interns in the psych ward.
They were psych students studying to be doctors.

I’m pretty sure that what they did wasn’t legal.

My doctor supervised the whole thing.

No it wasn’t a delusion.


There’s nonsense behaviour in all walks of life including in medical practice. You just have to accept that the world is a very flawed place, not to hold a grudge and move on.

I didn’t exist pre 1996

I was diagnosed in 2004, but the mental health facility they put me in was brand new. They had just constructed it a few years earlier. It had a billiard room, gymnasium with basketball hoops, work out room. several TVS, playstation with several games. It was really nice and contributed to a sense of mental well being. I was there for 5 months but it was tolerable. The old facility was across the street and like you said it was a dingy nasty looking place. If I had been diagnosed in 1996 that is where I would of ended up, thank goodness I didn’t.

They put be on Olanzapine which is a nasty drug with a lot of side effects but it worked for the most part. I am now on Lurasidone and it works far better with no side effects, but it wasn’t available when I was diagnosed.

I was first diagnosed and given a typical AP in 1984.
It must have been in the early 80s.
I was 20 years old.

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İ was 13 years old.it was 1994.i went to pdoc and he diagnosed me with something and i think he was gave me risperdal i m not sure.i didn t use it because i was afraid.then i got horrible teenage years and i got really worse symptoms.terrible years.

My cheese really came off my cracker around 1993. I remember them pouring CPZ out of a bottle kept in their pocket into those little disposable cups like shots, and you’d get several shots. Stuff knocked you flat if you had enough. They weren’t required to log a dose amount, just that they’d given you some.


Diagnosed in 1992 at 20 years of age.

Nurses had a really bad attitude then than they do now.

Drugs have improved since the typical AP’s.

Stigma has also slightly reduced.

I remember rats walking outside my window on a rainy day.

Diagnosed 1980 at age 19. I was in one really, dirty, dangerous psyche ward. It was in the bowels of the county hospital, hidden away down a long corridor. It was full of the most hardcore people I’ve ever seen. My roommate was so bad looking I was afraid to go to sleep at night. Everybody was heavily drugged. One guy was a pretty scary dude but he kind of liked me and we played a few games of ping-pong. I remember one lady was talking on the phone about drug deals or getting someone beat up or something.

Yeah, I ended up there on my own but when my parents came to see me the next day and they saw what kind of place it was they did everything in their power to get me out of there immediately.

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I was big into Nietzsche in 1999 and he was all I read. Well, if you’ve ever read Nietzsche, you know he puts emphasis on everything and does a lot of exclamations. I had this one roommate who was irritating the living duck out of me, so I wrote a note, writing like Nietzsche, and gave it to my pdoc when he came by my room. He motioned for the other guy to gather his crap because my pdoc wanted me in a room alone. I may have threatened the roommate, I don’t remember, but after that I had no more roommates.

Another thing I remember was the big hydrogen-peroxide looking bottles of Mellaril they’d hand out like candy if patients couldn’t fall asleep. Every day before family therapy they’d give me a heap of Chloral Hydrate and I’d be GONE.

ETA: I found the nurses back then to be nicer. We were there for a longer time, so it was worth it for them to build rapport with us. Now the average stay is like 5 days, so no one cares.

There is a teaching hospital in the town I live. I went to see one of their psychiatrists. She had not yet graduated, but was in her final rotations. They made me sign this form to agree to video monitoring. I protested, but it was either that, or no appointment at all. I did 2 or 3 sessions there and found a normal pdoc. Duck being videotaped. You wanna videotape a sz while he talks about some of his most personal stuff? Get out of here!

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Man, veterans of the board representin’!

On another note, I think hospitals need to go back to a 2 or 3 week stay instead of a 3 day pump and dump.

I was diagnosed in 1994
Private insurance at the time I was under 18
They had weird group therapy and a pool table and a rubbish yoga class
But sex happened in the private rooms
And pub visits in the day

They handed out cocktails like candy?

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B (Benztropine aka Cogentin) +5 mg Haldol +2 mg Ativan, voila! B-52!