Who here wants to entertain me before I slumber?

Times ticking 151515

20 minutes and I shall go to bed.

Are you feeling any better than you were earlier?

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Yeah I am just bored.

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Yeah, not much going on here, either. The music stopped a while ago, just been sitting here in silence. Sometimes I enjoy silence, though, nice and peaceful.

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Yeah I enjoy silence alot. I’m just a little bored right now because I’m not 100% tired yet and I have nothing else to do

Silence is nice when I’m tired

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I might go to bed soon myself, getting my Abilify shot in the morning.

Good luck with that. Depot injections hurt like a bitch.

I’m used to them, been getting them for about two years now. Every three weeks.

I started the invega shot last month

I’ve never had that one. i started with Aristada, then switched to Abilify.

The shot made me unstable for a while until my body started to adjust to it.

Hearing voices and stuff.

The first time I received an Aristada shot it left me drowsy and useless for a good 24 hours. After that it was fine.

My body is still trying to adjust to the invega shot

Invega Sustenna or Invega Trinza?

Sustenna I want to eventually use trinza

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10 more minutes people.

sorry I got nothing