Who here thinks they just heard something but aren't sure?

It’s a symptom I have. I’m curious if anyone else experiences it. For example, I was talking statistics with the lab manager when in the middle of the conversation I thought he just said “you’re in recovery and this is part of it.” But I wasn’t sure if I remembered it correctly or if I falsely remembered something that never happened.

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Happens all the time or at least it used to. Don’t really know how to explain it in realistic terms.

You’re not alone.

If anything it’s a lot like a waking dream state.

The Nurse Practitioner I just met suggested that I hallucinate “thoughts”. On blank pages I see stuff written that is thoughts of mine, that is.


Yeah I was like that but thanks to Bryan and jayster I am now pumped full of lotsa drugs and feeling better.

What meds you on dude?

Sorry I meant I will eventually be full blown medicated.