Who here takes clozapine?

Hi folks. I have been taking clozapine in dosage of 300 mg/day for 8 years. I also take antidepressants like Zoloft. How many of you take clozapine? Do you take any supplements with it ?

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yes I take 250 mg :slight_smile:

Yes I take it also, but no supplements, maybe I should take vitamins.

I do, I have been on it about 2 years

I take 600mg Clozaril a night. I have for over 10 years. I may have to stop it though because my blood count is really low. So frustrating because it has been the only antipsychotic that has worked for me :frowning: I may have to go inpatient for a rapid detox and add something new…I don’t know what though because I have been on all the AP’s that I know of. Does anyone know about new AP’s on the market? I have tries Saphris and Latuda and am also on Fanapt, it just doesn’t work as well without the Clozapine. Those are the newest ones I know of. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Vraylar is the most recently approved AP.

Lu AF35700 is in phase 3 and fast tracked for treatment resistant sz, supposed to be the new, safer clozapine. But that will be a few years.

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Just a thought, but I read a paper that clozapine increased levels of the neurosteroid pregnenolone more than other APs and it was speculated this may be the reason for some of its efficacy. Pregnenolone is a dietary supplement that can be had over the counter.

I’ve been on 275mg clozapine since 4 years.

For supplements, I just take omega 3 fish oil, multivitamin, vitamin d3 2000 IU

Have you tried invega?