Who here takes a B-Complex vitamin?

Does it help symptoms at all?..My psychiatrist is a fan of B-12 and B-Complex vitamins helping-----just wondering.

And sorry I don’t have a great personality…wish I was funnier on here. I am so messed up I don’t know how to connect to people.


I take B2. My neurologist said it’s supposed to help with headaches and migraines.

I take B 1, B2, B3 because its in my magnesium supplement. I take it for my muscle function.
Helps for that.

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Vegemite. It’ tasty. It’s savoury and it’s b complex.

My mom gets B-12 shots from a corporation she did a TV commercial for. She really likes them, I’ve taken them a few times but I don’t remember if it made a difference in my illness or not.

That is great…Methylcobalmin shots can be good. I wish I could get them as it still helps symptoms. Even though my B-12 is fine supposably every time I get Methyl B-12 shots it helps symptoms One doctor said it can help methylation which might be why.

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I used to take a b-complex. It helped with abilify induced hunger pangs. Now I take beta alanine which does a similar job.

I found “high powered” b-complexes (like 1000% rda) interacted with abilify to give me heart pressure. So I switched to a low powered one (100% rda).

Started off taking a B-Complex, and it initially reduced SZ symptoms by 50%. I later broke it out into individual B vitamins to determine deficiencies causing psychosis. I found I was dealing with extreme B3, B12, and B8 deficiencies. Taking the needed B vitamins to eliminate the deficiencies has helped eliminate SZ symptoms. I successfully eliminated B12, B8 and Niacinamide deficiencies. Presently working on eliminating a Niacin deficiency since your body treats Niacinamide and Niacin differently.