Who here speaks fluent Spanish or Portuguese?

I need someone to help me translate a short text from English into Spanish and Portuguese. @Minnii is on self-imposed suspension, maybe @Chester170 could help me with Portuguese??
Thanks in advance!

More recently I had a dream my daughter was speaking to me in fluent Spanish.

I either did or did not understand her.

I don’t even know Spanish.



i can give it a try. I’m pretty good at Spanish.


Dude…Google…has a translater just copy paste and it translates it instantly…

That’s exactly what I did, @flameoftherhine. I just can’t trust google translate completely, especially with more complex phrasing.


Ah this is true…I wouldn’t trust it for complex wording either…my bad didn’t realize it was a more difficult phrasing…

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Tell me my friend what do you need to be translated?

Nope sorry… I did have a delusion for some time that I was fluent in Polish and tried to have a conversation with a group of Polish people. I couldn’t understand why they looked so confused… Sorry, not much help lol.

Post it, I could try.

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Thanks Lexicon, but Orion11 and Chester170 have already helped me. Maybe next time :wink: