Who here recovered on the positive feelings?

Maybe all starts in the brain. at least, the docs think it. But idk… I have issues with the positive feelings often. There is always pain even in my joy so I dont enjoy the life anymore since forever, really…I dont know why I am like this. All my ill friends they still can experience love and joy. Me, I am the psycho type since forever. But I dont blame myself for this anymore, theres no point…
But how did you recover on your emotions? did you have problems experiencing feelings? I often dont feel the smells around me if you see…Its like its all blocked in me. And the result is that I feel just this heavy ball in my soul, there where the breathe stops…
I wonder if lithium will help me with this. in your opinion?
Tbh I sometimes think that the lack of my positive emotions is what stops me to feel fine in the life.


Some things in your brain might never change. You just have to learn to live through it. That is what I’m learning from therapy. However recovering mentally is an attitude adjustment and that happens with effort. I go to support group and almost everyone there express that they have positive feelings. My tip is to go out as much as you can and avoid being at home. Go volunteer or just take a walk.

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just take your medication and you will be well

There was just a thing on the news about pessimistic and optimistic people. People who are naturally optimistic are more likely to have grown up in a sunny place like the tropics or california. Pessimistic people more likely grew up in cloudy places.

sorry, saynow, but aps never helped me for the emotions… I try lithium now. I was on aps for 8 years and I didn’t moved a finger in my life… I am always stuck in this house…

Here are some of the positive feelings: happiness, feeling hopeful, laughter, warmth and friendship, acceptance. Is that the idea? It took me many years but I have recovered them in some degree.
I recommend that you just try to improve on the negative feelings and the positive ones will return someday.
If you have bipolar, that is a whole different situation. That is what Lithium is for. I believe Lithium will reduce the “highs,” so Lithium would probably reduce the positive feelings.
Then there’s the question of schizo-affective disorder, which may have some bipolar aspects. I haven’t read much about this. For the depression, perhaps to feel better you would use an anti-depressant.

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I think myself into happynness. I am not doing a favour to the world with it. But people are happy im atleast happy. And i give back.

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Hi,hereforyou! My doc thinks of the scaffective disorder,depressive type for me. I have already some hysteria in all this too :smirk:. I cant handle the ads. They lift my paranoia and my waves of internal excitement… i thought lithium helps the depression too,no? I live a lot in my head in fact to a point that i have headaches, the impression to have something in my head too… maybe i live too much with my tv since years and it drives me mad lol. I am concentrating too hard for a lot of things lol which is not good…

#anna1 I caught a few different ideas from your post. It appears that you watch a lot of TV and “can’t handle the ads.” I watch TV too and I find some of the ads most inspiring. Over the years I feel I have learned from the ads, catching messages from them. When I tell other people, they tell me they just ignore the ads.
Also . . . I don’t know what Lithium does for the depressive side. You will need the input of someone else.

Thanks for the reply, here4You :wink:
I was saying antidepressants by ads lol… its my french, sorry for that. My doc gave me this lithium instead an antidepressant in fact but maybe I should be patient. I am just one month on it. I dont feel anything on it but maybe its better like this. I dont feel anything on any of my meds so sometimes I would prefer to feel something at least, even if its a sedation but no. whatever, lets fight!

I’m in the same boat as you on the positive feelings thing. A lot of days, I don’t feel like doing much of anything. I force myself to do things anyways because I used to enjoy them. What I am most upset about is not enjoying doing crafts with the kids. It is just such an anxiety feast that I can’t really say I have fun. At least they have fun, I think. So I try to do it anyways.

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Hi there,
I dont have a solution, but I have the same problem as you have and it was caused by haldol. Ever since a certain high dose of haldol I lost all feelings of love and joy. It is a horrible thing I obsess over all the time, so I understand it bothers you. I hope you find a solution!

Things that helped a tiny bit for me:

  • Lowering haldol. I now use only 1mg. It leaves me a little paranoïd, but it is better than being drugged more. I didnt get love back, but at least I am somewhat more energetic and joyful some of the time. Maybe you can discuss with your doctor if a lower dose of your AP is a responsible thing to do. I cant judge from behind this screen whether that is a wise or dangerous thing to do… I personally might have to up the dose again a little.
  • Neurofeedback. At first it brought back some feelings, then they changed the protocol and it wiped out feelings (but also paranoia). But it at least had the possibility of bringing back love and joy in my life. I want to try it again!
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@anon73478309. How does neurofeedback work? Is it the same as feedback in therapy or is it more physiological based?

Have you considered readdressing antidepresants?
How many antidepressants have you tried
Sometimes it is about finding the right one

It is different. I find it difficult to explain in english. But they use an eeg to measure your “brainwaves”. Sometimes brain waves are different than in the average healthy person. So they want to teach your brain to make more or less of certain brain waves, so that your brain functioning starts to become more like that of a healthy person.

You look at a screen with a movie or game or so. If your brain does the right thing (eg make more alpha waves) it gets rewarded, for example because the movie keeps running. When it does the wrong thing, it gets punished, eg the movie stops. Your brain functioning slowly changes and the theory is that this also changes things like depression, anxiety, paranoid thinking.

It is still rather experimental.

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