Who here only drinks and doesn't do any street drugs?

I ONLY drink. The ONLY street drug I’ve ever done is pot, and I stay AWAY from that now.

I mainline chocolate.



I recently quit drinking (well ya know) because my ulcer went off and where im at my medication is considered a street drug,after I move it’ll be legal medication.

I don’t do street drugs or alcohol or smoke. Sometimes I feel tempted to drink because my dad is always bringing home vodka to drink, and I feel like I could use that as an excuse to never get a job, but my family has great expectations of me, as though the pill will cure everything and that I won’t have any problems having a normal life. It’s a lot of pressure. I even feel the pressure from my psychologist, who also expects me to get a job.

I use to drink, I’m done with that, and I recently quit marijuana because of all the doctors’ advice.