Who here likes snooker? Anyone not know what snooker is?


Is a game like billiards or pool but with different rules. Is popular in the uk



I’ve heard of it, knew it’s a billiards game, but that’s about it.


Is a classic match!



I’ve heard of snooker but i don’t know how it’s played. I am only familiar with 8 ball and 9 ball. And i’m not very good at those.


Always wanted to try it. Looks fun.


It’s really difficult. The pockets are only just wider than the balls so is hard to pot


I’ve never even heard of snooker


Yeah I think only a few countries play it.


Are you watching the championship?


Totally! Been watching it on iplayer


I just tried to put it on the sky app but realized i do not get the BBC channels. I did not know it was on iplayer may have to give it a try.


I used to love to watch it when I visited the UK many times in my teens. Used to have a big ol’ crush on Jimmy White. blush


I watch it with my husband

Ronnie is a really good snooker player!


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