Who here knows how to advocate for themselves to get the help they need?

I’ve run into several hurtles the past few months, a lot of hassle actually, but that didn’t stop me from getting the help I needed, and only I could make it happen.


I know to get help if I need it that’s one of the reasons im moving next month,where im moving I can get my medication and thats the biggest NAMI branch in the midwest is.

Also I was probably delusional but when I was there last year some religious people came up to me when I was fixing my bike and told me to come back if I need help.

It was like a sign.

Well, that is only my ATTORNEY and I could make it happen, but I advocated for myself to get the attorney. >:)

If you’re talking medical marijuana, look into the high CBD strains. Too much THC and too little CBD is not good for our kind.

Amen, bro. (Kudos on the self-advocacy, too. I had to do something very similar about 12 years ago. It worked BIG time.)

Yeah I know actually one can deacticate the high effect of thc altogether by cooking it In oil above a certain temp,I use to make lotion this way ,thc lotion is great for skin cancer it really does work.

I use to grow my own meds ‘afghani’ and that is CBD dominant so it works great as medication, I know exactly what you are saying man when I smoke something like ‘Haze’ which is THC dominant im up for 2 days straight with a warped psychological process.