Who here is working?

it could be ,or they have superfunds.

I get paid for 37.5, work about 50.

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I work 30 hours a week

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I work 1-3 days a week. On average I work 2 days a week, and on average each shift is about 7 hours.

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I work for the federal government collecting taxes for the Internal Revenue Service. People don’t like to hear from me. Most of them owe a lot. I go into the office about twice a month to post payments and returns and sort the mail but when I am done I go back home. Usually around lunch time.

If it weren’t for COVID I would be in the office one full day a week. Not sure when it will get back to normal. I also usually spent at least one day a week driving around visiting tax payers and got paid mileage. We aren’t able to do that anymore.


Hahaha liked that sentence

So u work for the irs

The irs is pretty alert body

One of their guys followed me all the way to India over phone bcoz apparently I had some taxes to pay

Great stuff

So now u work from home?

Yeah. I work from home. But my job has always been remote after the first year. I just started working from home about 2 months early because of COVID. I have been on the job 2 years and four months.

I am a revenue officer. We have international revenue officers who work cases overseas and if you owe more than $100,000 we can have the state department revoke your passport.

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Oh ok

Didn’t know that

But in my case it was just a few dollars bcoz I had filed the tax online and then left the USA, but there’s sometimes difference between the online and what the irs evaluates

I need therapy to work again. Starting one hour a day and build the Workingtime up. I haven’t worked for around 10 years.

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I just got a job at a big hotel as a valet ! I actually start today !


I’m trying to get back into work but finding it difficult.

Even cleaner jobs I’ve been rejected from because others have more experience than me.

I’m not giving up though.

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I was working for 35 hours a week for 8 months.

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I work 8am to 4pm 5 days a week - not including admin and quotes


I’ve been working minimum 40 hours a week for the last two years, but usually I do some overtime, and sometimes a lot of overtime.


what sort of jobs can I get working from home?

Do you have to have a degree to work that sort of job or can u get a certificate? I have considered working for the DHHR or human services. But for now I need a job online and I want to try something different or along those lines of gov. outreach. I post things online that are helpful. For instance I told friends and posted that you can file your 2020 taxes before they vote on the stimulus bill to collect a direct deposit based on what I saw on the net and from articles. My brother said I should start being a content writer on upwork or fiverr.

The insurance industry has a lot of people working from home, but not until you get to a certain point with experience. It’s also an industry that will train those without experience and move them up through the ranks. Fair warning: Dealing with customers gets stressful. They’re all convinced we’re on the take (we truly aren’t - quite the opposite).


Government jobs are hard to get. They are on the GS scale. The particular job I have hires starting at GS-7. You need a 4 year degree. I have a Masters Degree so I got hired as a GS-9. Now I am a GS-11 step 2. Just got a raise.

I think you can get a GS-5 job without a degree. You just have to search USA jobs.


İ m working as a school attendant since 5 years.before that i was working as a cook in a coffee lounge for 1.5 years.both jobs are full time.i also want to return my real working field which is cookery.


I work for myself. I trade stocks.

The work has two components. Strategy development and strategy implementation.

Strategy development is 5 hours a day 6 days a week.

Strategy implementation is 1-2 hours daily five days a week. By the weekend I would have automated the implementation part, so that would be literally 5 minutes.

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