Who here is working tomorrow morning? (Monday)

While I was suspended for 4 weeks from this forum I was hired by a Chocolate Retailer to do a customer service job. The employment is temporary seasonal for this winter holidays. I start at 7am PST and finish at 3:30pm PST. I am entering my 3rd week of employment.

Does anyone else on this forum have to work tomorrow morning like I do?



But, idk how old you are, but I used to like temp working cuz you learned so much working for different companies/jobs.

I was in my early 20’s and didn’t need as much $$$.

Actually I’m kind of bullshitting you. I’m think I only temped for 12 months cuz I went schizophrenic.

Temps are so disposable though. You gotta make yourself valueable

Trial and error @yinyang

Keep us posted!


No, I worked today.

My next shift is Tuesday.

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@anon99082702 I’m in my 40s and need the money to pay off a lease on my car. I haven’t worked in a while so I was accepting any type of job that is available to me.

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Good luck with your new work, my work is to combat my negative symptoms and to try not stay in bed too much lol

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What kind of work do you do?

You mean temporary?

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I’m working tomorrow, yes.

I’m a cleaner.

I’m a bit nervous as it is my first day


Contributing to your country’s economy and paying your fair share of taxes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good luck at work tomorrow @yinyang


Yes, I too wish you well at work! :money_mouth_face:


I have 2 jobs, both part time.

The first one is freelancing as a computer technician, which I did today. I have a number of residential and small business clients around town that call me when they have computer problems. This kind of work is random, whenever someone calls me and needs help.

The second job is as a delivery driver dropping off packages people order online. That is the job I have to go to work for on Tuesday. This job is officially part time, I work 1-3 shifts a weeks, but usually 2 shifts a week.

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I work most workday mornings

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Wow, 2 part-time jobs. Will one of these jobs lead to full-time employment with benefits one day?

I am also working tomorrow, which is annoying since I have something else I wanted to do. But it’ll have to wait until the evening.

Good luck @LittleMissSlothy, & good luck @yinyang


Wait, do you drive a yellow corvette or have I mistaken you for someone else?

Yeah, I anticipate light rush hour traffic at 7am.

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The computer job isn’t an official job. It’s just freelance work to make some extra cash on the side. I usually get a few calls a month.

The second job has benefits once I get pass the probationary period. And I become eligible for a pension once I’ve been there for 2 years. I’ve only been there for 4-5 months.

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Be glad you are occupied with an activity that pays instead of doing nothing and receiving disability benefits which offers less income.

Best advice I can give you if you get nervous or have anxiety at work is to tell yourself these 3 things, they may make you feel better…

  1. Tell yourself this shift will end and I get to go home
  2. Tell yourself I am getting paid for this
  3. Just concentrate on your work, breath deeply, and don’t let you mind wander with scary thoughts.

No I drive a Ford F350 Truck

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