Who here is waiting for new medications to be released?

Medications like Ulotaront and Karxt. Are you waiting for one of them, or another medication coming out in the future?

  • Yes, I’m waiting for one or more medications that will be coming out in the future.
  • No, I’m not waiting for anything, will stay on current medications.

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My meds are working just fine.

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I switched over to a new med at the time, Vraylar and ended up in the psych hospital.

I’ll stick with risperidone, at least I know it works.


Same thing happened to me Wave. Tried Vraylar and ended up psychotic. I’m waiting for new meds cause I’m sick of being fat and sedated.


I’m waiting for new medications, I have a hope that some of the new ones can give me some of my emotions back.

Latuda gave me emotions back, but apparently I’m allergic to it. Get pain in chest after a few days. Otherwise I would probably try to use it.

Quietiapine is not bad on emotions either, a lot better than olanzapine at least, my main reason for trying it is the sleep action though.


I am very sensitive to meds. Will let others be guinea pigs before I think of trying.

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I’m trying to switch to Caplyta which my pdoc wants me to take. I just got a grant to help me pay for it. My pharmacy said it’s $1500.00 for 30 pills, a months supply.

The Abilify I’ve been taking isn’t controlling my symptoms all the best. My pdoc approached me about changing AP"s. I happy on the Abilify though.

Were you ever happy with your meds, but you’re pdoc decided you need a different one?