Who here is successfull with a réduction doses of of antipsychotics?

Who here is successfull with a réduction doses of antipsychotics and how have you managed it ?. Have you lose weight with your réduction dose ?.

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I have reduced the dose of AP. I am able to see some changes in weight positively. But still there are some symptoms I have to deal with in daily basis. It is comparatively ok where I used to run away often and think of ending life. Now it is less and want to live.

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Ok and with this réduction, what is your lose of weight ? And what is your daily réduction of treatment and the name of your antipsychotics reduced ?.

I lost 3 KGs in 3 weeks. I am taking Risperidone 2MG its called Sizodon LS a combo med. Hope to get better as the days progress.

Some research found that most can tolerate a 20-30% reduction assuming you have been stable for sometime

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I’ve tried reducing my Invega from 12 to 9 mg. But my voices just get too loud and after a couple of months of that I just returned to the old dose.

I’ve tried to go down to 2.5 mg abilify. It worked fine but I had a few mini time span relapses and some delusions that made me come off entirely which led to full blown relapse.