Who here is on facebook

i am and would like to add u to my friends list. i’ll understand if it isn’t ur thing but i like to be sociable. so if u like add me. jayne beal. hythe, southampton, uk

I’ll add you, Jayne. I do not use my real name on Facebook for a variety of reasons. But I will add you and let you know who it is from… :smiley:

i’ll look forward to it hunni. hows the voice? i’m going to try haloperidol in february, c what dose i can tolerate and c if it has any effect. i don’t think it will but i’m willing to experiment. any side effects for u?

I think you might be good on Haldol (maybe 50% chance of success? But those are good odds). It’s worth trying over amisulpride. I am on Haldol now and on 4.5mg. This is an OK dosage, not too high, not too low. There’s no side effects other than slight shaking of the hands (very slight, no big deal) and maybe you get a bit more hungry than usual. But the side effects are nowhere near as bad as they say they are on the internet - with locked jaws, uncontrollable legs, etc. Also, it’s not that bad for making you sleep long either. It’s about the same as risperidone.