Who Here is off of antipsychotics?

I crashed into psychosis the second time after reducing ads …. Wouldn’t do that again.

How many episodes have you had and how many attempts?

I’ve had SZ for over a quarter century. I’ve lost count. I can just tell you that every attempt made things worse somehow and was not in any way worth it.


I am scared of the consequences of quitting aps one more time. But feel I need to give it a try.

I’m doing okay at the moment and wouldn’t want to get worse.

Only two weeks into a reduction to 5mg Olanzapine. Would hate to go back on a higher dose and go through all of that again.

How many episodes have you had?

Yeah that about sums it up. I never had really bad side effects, until October when I developed TD. So I haven’t noticed much difference since being on different meds, but it is nice that the TD has eased off.


So how long have you been off of aps now?

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Started the taper october 17, ended june 20


How many episodes have you had previously?

I wonder if they will ever do magic mushrooms or LSD for schizoaffective/schizophrenia as treatment. I have taken LSD a ton of times and it didn’t do anything at all…but it did work when mixed with MDMA. I think because I have been through so many episodes I’m sorta episode resistant now. More research should be done on how to stop episodes from recurring/instead of masking the symptoms. Abilify is prob the most advanced medication as far as I know but I still dont quite get how it works…and I think its making me physically sick…sleep apnea/blood clots/fatigue/possible cancer. Since being put on Aristada I have gained another 50 pounds. I’m considering weight loss surgery, but it wouldn’t be worth it if I stayed on Aristada. So I’ll have to stop taking it…

Probably the drugs that caused your schizophrenia…. Mine was triggered by drugs

Uh, no. They’re proven to make psychosis worse.

It actually wasn’t. I was diagnosed when I was fifteen. I was an intelligent HS student and never drank/used anything…it was trying to fix the schizophrenia that led me to experimentation…

Was just watching a youtube video about how magic mushrooms are considered to be used to help with PTSD, Depression, anxiety well…everything but schizophrenia I guess…

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I will never go off aps again… Last time I ended up in homeless living in my car and selling my body for a place to stay… It was awful

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Itcs really hard to say. I went 10 years before seeking treatment, and in that time i had periods where i did better and periods where I did worse. Since being treated, I have only had two episodes, but one was directly caused by a head injury, and the other was directly caused by being unable to sleep for 7 days straight. Both of those things would have caused an episode even in a neurotypical person.

But my hallucinations started at age 14, directly coinciding with developing a brain tumor. So I am far from a typical case. Most people who hallucinate do not have brain tumors.

And i would like to add that since i just finished my taper 2 weeks ago, I have no idea if I will be successful. It takes 8 weeks for the last of the meds to leave your body, so I’m not even technically AP free yet.


Every time I stopped taking my meds I ended up back in the hospital.

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I hope I dont have a brain tumor. I always wondered/but I dont think there was one found. The tinnitus also coincided with developing psychosis.

Did you ever get an MRI or CT scan? Those are pretty standard first steps when developing psychosis.