Who here is like this?

I have thoughts of a chip inserted in me. I hear whispers sometimes clear voices. Paranoia. Thoughts that people want me to harm myself. Depression and anxiety. I am diagnosis with schizoaffective depressive type.


I had thought of a microchip implanted in my brain when I was psychotic. I think the microchip delusion is not all that uncommon.

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I thought I was chipped, cloned, and uploaded, but it’s hopefully not real. Keep rexperiencing time and stuff.

Not had chip delusional
Get paranoia being watched

This has crossed my mind, really. It’s sad.

I don’t think I was cryogenically frozen but I tried it once in a past life. I think it was the aliens/illuminati, really. Keeping me sick and schizophrenic and poor. It was a billion or trillion past lives ago and I’m stuck in a simulation on a loop…I have a lot of traumatic memories…no one believes me and it’s considered a delusion and not real and probably not appropriate for the forum to talk about.

I’ve been to the future and back and go to ‘parallel universes’ I guess.

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I thought there was a microphone implanted in my neck where I stabbed myself. So sort of similar to yours.

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