Who here is a full time parent and how do ur meds affect it?

when i was on high doses my kids were always late for school. now im on the depixol shot i wake around five or six and my son is never late. my husband died last december so now it’s just me and the kids i don’t feel like i can experiment with meds as i have no one to take the kids if it goes wrong and i get zombiefied. what about u? cant wait fir bitopertin to come out in the uk then maybe i can get more done around the house.

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I’m not a parent but my kid sis moved in with me when she was about 13 or 14. It’s been almost 5 years now. She wasn’t allowed to live with me unless I was able to stay sober. She bussed it to school sometimes, but I would also try and drive her to school, and help her with homework. When I was too much inside my head she got away with a lot of freedom. NO curfew, no house rules, never told anyone where she was going. When I got my meds straightened out and I was more aware of life outside my head… then there was more structure, I’d like to think it helped her, and me both.
She 17 now and can drive herself… I am so glad I’m living outside my head. The boys that come around? It’s like stray cats… I like scaring some of them off.

i just wanted to say i am very sorry your husband passed away, i hope this year is a beautiful one for you and your kids .
take care.

thank u sith. that means a lot to me. xxx

I am living at my mom’s house, so I have extra help. My son is 12 and has autism. He is a good boy though. He knows that most days I need a nap in the morning because of my meds, but that is usually while he is at school. Luckily the school bus comes right to our door. That makes it easy. He is my best buddy. He has my sense of humour. :slight_smile: He is playing Zelda a link between worlds and has almost beat the game. I can’t believe it!