WHo here has experienced depersonalisation


who here has experienced depersonalisation (spacing out)…can you enlighten me on it


I didn’t know for a long time that me sort of floating out of my body and shutting down was actually depersonalization.

Sometimes when a shock or a panic hit’s me, (like the time my small nephew ran off to the playground down the street and did tell anyone he was leaving)… deep panic

I freeze and sort of shut down… or the really odd feeling of not being in myself starts to happen.

It’s like watching myself or the situation from afar. It’s usually a panic triggered in an odd way.

If I’m feeling overwhelmed by a crowd… usually a family dinner… I feel unattached from myself. Sometimes I do feel floaty… other times I do feel detached from myself and not really in complete control of my actions.

I can see what’s going down, but I just don’t feel in complete control of my response. I also get numb. I feel like I’m just a bystander watching myself… and not really able to get myself under control. I hate that feeling a lot. A lot of silly things have happened when I’m in this state.

Plus my mood will also dictate if I shut down and go frozen or if I get a bit unrealistic due to spacing out.