Who here has beaten a negative prognosis?


Were you told that you would never function, or go to school, or work, or live independently etc. because of your diagnosis but you did it anyway?


Yup yup yup:

  1. Never be able to have a career again (whoops!)
  2. Never be able to get an education (whoops!)
  3. Unlikely to ever find a mate and get married (whoops!)
  4. Should give up all expectations of a normal family life (whoops!)
  5. Should resign myself to living in ‘managed’ conditions (whoops!)

Even Dr. Drew has a better success rate than my first pdoc did with his predictions. l4m3r.



Yeah, you were one of the people I was thinking of when I wrote the question.


Sorry if I jumped in on this too fast. Lots of threads this week where people are busy flopping around in their symptoms. Kind of grasping at any positive straw I can find. :frowning:



When I was 14 (!) I was told by the pdoc at the state hospital I would never be living outside of an institution. At age 18, I left my father’s apartment and moved into my own. I worked hard to get there, and haven’t looked back.


Is medication the answer. I don’t think theres an answer at all.


The professionals I’ve told about my condition are amazed I function so well and have gone unnoticed by society. Basically they expect me to be a blubbering mess, and I do my best to prove them wrong at every turn :wink: doctors aren’t perfect. They’re not always 100 percent right about everything.


At best medication provides a foundation for you to build on. If you choose to build nothing, you will be plenty miserable when winter comes. And winter always comes.



Good post…


Last words from a hospital Dr - he hoped I’d get a job in a bookstore or library + live a quiet, out of the way life. How depressing. Most of my accomplishments have been internal - I’ve far surpassed the prediction of a bleak life.


Good for you!..


I do have to admit that I do get some help getting through my day. But I’ve been working on beating my doom and gloom prognosis.

I had one doc who told me I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of school
I wouldn’t be able to handle more then a very light part time job
There was no way I could live without the structure of a group home.

It makes me very angry with myself that I just swallowed that for so long.


yes once…but my lightsaber went off accidently…whoops !?!
take care from the i’m not mad at all :alien:


In the sense that 32years ago I was seen as a chronic schizophrenic and earmarked for at best a group home and at worst a long stay ward, then -yes.