Who here has a morning walk

I have my morning walk early in the morning, often when the sun rises. Who else here has a morning walk?


I have morning walks! While listening to my tablet with music, I walk around my neighborhood. It relaxes me and gets the restlessness out (I take Abilify and high doses of sarcosine and I hear those can cause restlessness).

I love my walks. I hate summers because it gets over 100 degrees in my city during the summer and I can’t take my afternoon walks then. Sometimes, I still take walks but I regret it after I feel dizzy and over heated.

I like to have morning walks, afternoon walks (if I’m free during the afternoon), and early evening walks.

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I don’t believe in mornings ty very much :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a dog waking me up in the morning. He wants his walk around the blocks.

I wish.
Can’t get out of the house anymore.

I like to go for a walk early in the morning too. I often do recently, around 5am. It’s quite refreshing and a good way to start a day. :sunny:

I do evening walks…the south has 2 suns and it gets hot almost instantly when the suns rise.

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Yeah I do evening walks too

I do a morning “stroll” with my morning cigarette, but not quite a walk.


me too but usually inside my mom’s house – in the basement.

it’s cool in the summer and heated in the winter.

hugs, judy