Who here drinks and doesn't drink at the same time?

mind ■■■■


I had a sponsee with this problem once in AA.


Before my ulcer reeally kicked in I never drank I medicated,now if I don’t keep my stomach full of liquid the pain is terrible.

Borderline organization. Straight up.

I was moving from my small apartment to a room and board situation. I had been working such crazy hours that paying the full amount for a place I was never at didn’t make much sense when room and board was half what I had been paying. So I went to the local liquor store to get some empty boxes to pack stuff in and found my sponsee buying several cases of beer. He assured me they were “for a friend” and he was “still sober”. Yeah, right. He’d had so many at that point I nearly got a buzz from his breath.

Give him a lift home anyhow as you can’t carry that much booze halfway across town. Such is twelve step life.


Was he carrying a court card? (First question I’m gonna ask.)

Gee, how did you know?!?