Who Here Doesn't Want the Voices to Completely Stop Because You Have Practically No One Else In Your Life At This Point

Sad to say but other than my far flung relatives there’s not many people left for socializing in my life and the voices that are left kinda fill a void.


I know what you mean, but at the same time I’d rather not have my malicious voices all day long.


I rather not have voices unless stuck on a island by myself then maybe


Maybe if they were positive voices I could live with them but I never know what mine will do next so I completely want rid of them

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I do want the voices to stop since they are pretty negative usually, even though there aren’t many people in my life.

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I have a special friend in my life now, its time to move on from obsessing about what I hear.


If my voices were on fire I wouldn’t piss on them to put it out.


I like that @TheBest!!

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I’m in that category.

Sometimes I think they are trying to provide company, because of discriminatory persecution, but the bad ones that try to stop you from doing things are just evil. The only thing is, I’ve plugged my ears before and don’t hear them, leading me to believe they’re evil spirits.

Would like some to go away. Neg voices are no fun

I wouldn’t even want voices even if they gave me test answers legitimately. Thank god I never hear voices or I wouldn’t want to live.

No, I would always want the voices to stop, regardless of the circumstances. My voices are almost always negative; hateful, insulting and very vicious. I don’t mind being alone. In fact, I enjoy my own comapny. I would do anything to be rid of my hallucinations.

I would like the negative voices to be gone,but the voice that warns me about people and situations that could be bad I like. They do fill the void, but their are they are to distracting and I can’t get anything done. So yes I want them to be gone.

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