Who has thought broadcasting?

this is a question 202020

Me. I can go into full blown panic attacks that if I think too hard about a person that they’ll be able to understand my thoughts and see how messed up my mind is (voices and everything). I used to deal with more traditional thought broadcasting as a child but it developed into what I mentioned above over time.


what I am interested in is that people know your thoughts, or your intrusive thoughts which comes involuntarily?

Hey I really can’t talk about this in that kind of depth. That’s really triggering for me.

if they know your thoughts it may be schizophrenia but if they know about your intrusive thoughts it may be OCD

…I have a literal diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder. I worked really hard with doctors to be honest and figure out what’s wrong with me. I don’t need someone on the internet poking around for fun, trying to get me to second guess two professional opinions. You need to stop. Now.


Do you know why I am asking you? Because the doctors were wrong in my case, they were treating me for schizophrenia and it was Severe OCD…

And you don’t know my story. Stop projecting. I’ve worked for three years to become stable after losing twenty years to psychosis. Back. Off. @sweetpotatofries This person is making me feel so uncomfortable. Please help.

@qitesa your line of questioning is becoming uncomfortable and you shouldn’t diagnose people. Your story is different from others. @R00nT00n I suggest you read some of the other threads, and ignore this one. You can also put this user on your ignore list in your settings.

Didn’t know I could do that, ty

Yes sometimes I feel there is no privacy
and nothing blocks my thought to emanate
and get fused in the environment

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Other people cannot read my thoughts. Believing otherwise was a delusion that I’ve managed to overcome.

The world may or may not have a belly button, but that belly button isn’t me. Fortunately.

This happens for me, Om Sadisava explained it well

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I thought people were reading my mind for thirty years and finally stopped worrying about it. I never refuted it.

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