Who has intrusive thoughts when you look others in the eye?

When I look at a person, a negative thought comes to me and I think that person knows this. It is neurosis, psychosis or both?

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It’s not your fault for the intrusive thoughts.
We all have them from time to time.
Do you really believe others know about them?

I have feeling that what I think people know it . but I know that it is impossible

When negative thoughts come, that’s nervousness, and that I think that others know it, that’s psychosis, it turns out that I have both

Nervousness or neurosis?
I lost you

neurosis .Sorry, I don’t know English very well

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Can you have both neurosis and psychosis?
I don’t know

Yes, both can be together. But I think the leading cause of my disease is neurosis, because everything starts with negative thinking

After having a negative thought, I feel that people know this thought and they respond to me that I am bad for thinking about them.

It sounds like thought theft tbh.
I had a large problem with making eye contact because I thought it made it easier for people to read my mind. I still have some issue with this.

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