Who has better memory/concentration and motivation than before disease

And what drug do you take?what dosage. tell your story

I suck at all three of those cognitive things now. Not sure if I will ever get them back.

Uhhh… What was the question?


i m sure that my memory bad than before but my concentration is better i think

I’m unmedicated. Don’t remember a before since onset was at puberty, and my brain is like Swiss cheese now. I try not to panic about it, but my cognitive/memory function is getting worse…

The answer to your question is probably nobody.

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Since being diagnosed, I definitely have problems with all 3, especially motivation. Sometimes, it’s hard to get up and go in the mornings.

Since it’s been nearly 43 years since first seeing a pdoc and problems started before that it’s hard to remember what I was like before. I think though my motivation was probably better before.

Definitely not. I don’t know if my motivation levels will ever be as they were before my relapse four years ago. And I have a memory like a sieve - for most things at least!

At what time before the disease? There were times before I was diagnosed when my thoughts were racing and I couldn’t concentrate at all, but there were other times when I was mesmerized by what I was reading and I couldn’t stop. Now I take Geodon and Seroquel and my concentration is okay.