Who gets silly?

I don’t get the evil voices or conspiracy theories anymore, but I do get really silly, wide awake and carefree on my “bad days”. My mom is picking up some food for me to take my meds with, I hope they knock me out so I can wake up after a couple of hours, go the gym and get my ■■■■ together.

I get really silly and feel disinhibited when I dont sleep enough. I don’t get it. This isn’t in the textbooks. Im supposed to be like I used to be before meds, like suffering from auditories and persecutory delusions and that damn Truman’s Syndrome stuff.

Who else gets silly? Most of the time I am either anxious or feeling a little down and sleepy due to my meds. I quit taking melatonin the other night because it was making me sleep too hard and I was having trouble functioning in the mornings, like taking half an hour to get out of bed, then feeling sleepy despite drinking lots of caffeine. But I woke up way too early this morning and feel like I don’t trust my brain right now, which is maybe worse? I feel more than awake, I feel maybe hypomanic from what I have read about it- but my doctors told me that is impossible on my dose of Geodon, any mania should be controlled.

I do have a hunch- I usually workout on Wednesdays- yesterday I didnt, I sat around and ate a bunch of food because I was sore and tired. Maybe by brain is so accustomed to being drained of energy every wednesday that this is some sort of reaction to not being drained yesterday.

Who else gets silly?

I doubt the day of the week has anything to do with it. Personally, I’ve been up for 24 hours and the only thing keeping me going is staying glued to the net with music on. Because if I sleep now, I won’t sleep tonight, and then I’ll be on graveyard shift schedule, and that’s not going to fly. I’m not silly, but I am currently more active on the forums than usual. It’s holding my attention. At least for now.

I feel like ■■■■ bro. I just downed 60mg of ziprasidone, 80mg of propanolol and two burritos. If this ■■■■ doesnt work we’re gonna have a problem. I thought you were given a new sleeping pill?

I was. It didn’t do jack-squat. I was allowed 2, but was told to start with 1. So I took 1, and nothing, so I took a second…still nothing, so I gave up.

Hey I certainly have my moments of silliness here and there. Always have. I’m actually more on the serious side compared to most people but when I get silly I get silly. That’s always been true of me though…nothing to do with sz really.

I grew up very serious and very concerned about my dignity. I never deliberately acted silly, but I might have done that a few times against my will - being high on weed, alcohol, etc. If I saw the way I had acted I would probably be mortified.

When I do, no one else is amused. I’m not skilled at being silly.

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Low meds… high caffeine content… I am in silly city. I can’t help it… I’m giddy and everything is funny. I can’t form a serious thought for anything.

I love that hyper/ energetic/ silly feeling. I know it a direct result of low meds, and high energy. It’s when my hyperactivity wants to act up.

I remember the feeling from when I was young… hyper and silly. This is when I get huggie too. I’ll hug you a lot when I’m like this.

I know it’s not the best way to be… but it’s optimistic. Then… after my meds, it levels out and I can start to come down. Then I’m just me again.

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