Who finds that aripiprazole is their best antipsychotic so far

… And why?

For me it’s the only one I’ve ever tried so I’ve got nothing to compare it to.
I seem to hear a lot of people saying that it was not the one for them.
Did anyone choose to stick with that ap???
And why

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I think its the best AP I’ve ever been on,

That being said,

I’m not in love with it.

It did make my hair fall out,

Does make me lack a lot of emotion,

But I talked to my doctor about a lower dose and that may alleviate a lot of the issues I’m having,

If it doesn’t make me symptomatic again.

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Did you feel restless on it at all, like irritable or something I’m not sure how to explain the feeling very well.

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I had to start taking klonopin .5mg x2 daily to combat that feeling.

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It isnot my prefrences
I love typicals

It made all my positive symptoms way worse.

It’s done very well for me, like you I’ve never tried any other though

Have you been on it for a long time?

Since august I have been on it

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Yes. But it was still the best med for me.

Currently I take a supplement called beta alanine to combat that (restlessness) and it works pretty well. I don’t know the long term effects of taking beta alanine though so I’m a guinea pig.

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Hopefully it’s OK.
I’m scared of trying supplements. I was tempted with the multi b vitamin but I’ve decided just to not be a vegan anymore and maybe get some more b vitamins that way

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If i could tolerate more than 10mg, it would have been the best antipsychotic. I does not improve my psychosis on 10mg but on 15mg i sleep till 4pm.

It has no prolactin side effects, no weight gain, no qtc prolongation, no sedation

Of all the APs, aripiprazole is the one that has positive effects on me so far, increased energy, good spirits etc… although not exactly what i wanted. Havent tried clozapine and a few others yet.

Abilify pretty much took me down. Made symptoms worse. But i did loose weight. Its strange. All the ones that i loose weight on dont work. And all the ones that work good cause severe weight gain. Must be the receptor it works on. Haldol was kinda best of both worlds but i got movement sides. Now im on one that is doing all the right things its typical class.

I’ve been on abilify for a couple of years now. About 4 years in total although I spent about 18 months off of meds in between those 4 years. It has worked for me. It isn’t perfect and I do feel somewhat sedated but I’ve reacted much better to it than other medications I have taken in the past.

I took Aripiprazole for about 3 weeks to a month, but couldn’t say on it. It made my depressive symptoms so much worse, and i found that it didn’t fully cover all my psychotic symptoms. However, we’re all different so what works for me may not work for others. It is a bit of trial and error sometimes before you find the right medication for you. I’m glad that it seems to be the best one for you and that you didn’t have to try a whole heap of others.

I hate that drug. It looked so good on paper but when I tried it I felt awful and was agitated and restless.

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My best med is zyprexa. I take abilify too and haldol but zyprexa killed the inner demons and voices

Abilify felt the least deadening to me of all ap. It didnt make me emotionally flat and depressed.

It didnt do a thing for psychosis though, if anything it made it worse. I was paranoid, restless and anxious.

But not depressed and dead inside. So i really wanted it to work. :slight_smile:

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