Who else was wrongly written off by their pdoc?

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Just curious as to who else here – and this is a question only to those diagnosed with Sz/Sza in present or past, who was told they absolutely would NOT succeed somewhere or somehow and to not bother trying. And then you tried and succeeded anyhow.

I’d very much like to hear those stories. In my own case my limits were not even close to what my inital pdocs said they were, and I’ve done all of the things they said I couldn’t: Family, child, career, and quality independent life. The best advice I can give is to find out for yourself what your limits are, never let anyone else tell you what they are as they’re likely wrong.

Let’s hear some positive stories. I would like to ask that we keep this conversation on topic with positive examples, we have the other 98% of this community for complaining about the things that aren’t working.


Well, most of my intellectual property is Not word salad,
so I count that as being successful.
Plus all the fun stuff my kids and me have done.
It did take time to find the right meds though,
and I needed help from family.


I was told I’d likely never leave my parent’s custody by a pdoc when I was young.

He was very negative and said that people with psychosis issues at my age don’t have a good prognosis.

My sister had the same issues growing up and no one said anything like that to her.

Of course, that was my parent’s second go round with pdocs and were more experienced at weeding out the Negative Nancys.

No one said anything else like that throughout the rest of my treatment.

No professionals, anyway.


My doctors, nurses and psychologists were always very understanding and hopeful when it came to my recovery, and I think that helped me recover faster and better.

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If I had not met my wife in the early autumn of 1982, while we were both psych patients,things would have been very different. At the time nobody really believed in me, be they my family or psych professionals. I was regarded as a chronic schizophrenic. The best envisioned for me was life in a group home. The worst envisioned was a long stay ward. On March 1983 my later to be wife and I left hospital together. The talk was I’d be back in within 6 weeks. Nearly 38 years later and no further hospitalisations.

Am I a resounding success story ?- not really,except in comparison to how things could’ve been . I’ve never been employed, but do my best to help people in the way I’m best able to. Above all despite what has been for the most part very inadequate, and often hostile, mental health treatment I’ve not gone down for a count of ten .

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I don’t think I’ve been written off by my drs. As a teen, they told me I would need antidepressants for life. Every time I tried to go off them I became suicidal. So now I accept I need an antidepressant for life. I also need an antipsychotic


No one thought I would ever function again. Much less work or go to school.


do you feel that people were trying to keep you in a standard?

they might want the best for you.

I was early on. They were sort of right though. I haven’t done crap in 10 years. I tried so hard sometimes.

I was told I would never work or have a family,and the best I could hope for was to get on disability and keep taking my meds. The disability paperwork was confusing, so I decided to just apply for a job and see if I could handle it. Turns out, I could work just fine. Also turns out,I was able to enter into a relationship. Also turns out, not only am I qualified to be a parent, I am SO qualified that the state actually PAYS me to do it and GAVE me the child!

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My psychiatrists said that university is too much for me and told me to quit university. But on Abilify I was able to finish my physiotherapy degree while having A’s in half of my courses.


I hated the practical classes like emergency care/paramedic. First one got B- and second one C. Its stressful as I have 20min to assess the injured, putting her on a spinal board, asking questions about concussion, etc Its stressful, maybe its anxiety too idk

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I did 5 out of 6 semesters on Abilify!

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very good. I wasn’t on meds, university. I did finish though. B.A.

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Psychiatry in Denmark is geared towards keeping anyone who has positive symptoms doped up enough to not cause a stir.
When I lived in Denmark, I was told to just accept I might never get better, I’d always need help, I would most likely not be able to have a job, etc. I slept all the time, I was on so many meds and I was so tired. Even basic interaction or tasks wore me out. I didn’t shower, I didn’t clean, I barely talked to anyone.

Now I live on my own, no more home nurse, I’m only on one psych med (though I do have a prn available). I sleep maybe 6-8 hours a night, I work full-time, I socialize, I shower, I clean.
My face actually has expressions. Sure, my mood is still unstable at times, and if I get too stressed or sleep deprived I will have symtpoms, but it’s nothing like it was a year ago.
I haven’t heard voices in months.

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I’m glad things turned out better for you.

Health professionals try their best but they are not always correct.

My CPN was the BEST ever! He was the most compassionate professional health care worker I’ve ever worked with.

Anyone in the world can be religious. If you’re schizophrenic, forget about it. Everything you do to normies is “religious obsession”. Also anything unorthodox I’m criticized for. A normie can tightrope across a canyon and no one bats an eye. I go camping for a night or two and I’m “a danger to myself”.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

A clay pot and an iron one cannot be next to each other. The one will neccisarily break the other

I’m persecuted so much and guess what . Now I have “persecutory deluaions”.

You’re human rights are out the window as a schizophrenic

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