Who else has the winter fatigue

I have this winter fatigue. I am looking forward to the next spring. I am just feeling tired.

I’m not fatigued but I don’t have any energy either.

Me too. But, I use a mood lamp. It helps. :cat::cat::cat:

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It has been a hard 2021 in England for Landscaping

The weather has either been too cold to lay bricks or slabs, and when the temperature does pick up, it’s raining all the time

I have been at my current job for way longer than I should have been

My patience has been tested on this one, but I will just have to let it be.

Nothing can be done about the weather - I have just been trying to enjoy being off for an extended period, and hope the work comes in during the spring/summer/autumn and I can make up for all the money I have lost in earnings :confused:

I have sz fatigue lol

Vitamin D 15151515

Is it Covid 19 fatigue?

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