Who else has Noticed a Decline in Mental Health Services since Covid-19?

Don’t get me wrong, they were struggling long before Covid

Now here (England) at least, things seem to have gone to hell very fast.

I like many others around the world rely on what the State can offer, and here we have it better than a lot of places, so I can only imagine what others experiences may be

Consultant is ghosting me when I have legitimate medication ‘issues’


Sorry I would have used a different emotion but they switched it off here

Maybe you should send this one to your doctor like I want to!



5 minutes??! I get at least 30 minutes, sometimes 2 hours if I’m the last appointment of the day. Geez, how do you do it? I would have to switch pdocs, if I was in that situation.

@Joker, I’ve noticed that all of my medical & mental health providers are booked out for moths, nowadays. It’s so hard to get an appointment that isn’t at least 1 - 3 months in the future.

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If they just told me that I would understand. Fact is they just deflect you with lies that they’re contacting the doctor, but never do I get a response.

The amount of others time I have wasted trying to get medicines advice the last month shocks me.

My policy now is I will leave them alone and just sort out and manage my own meds

The GP will not like the fact they will have to dispense meds in smaller sizes as they’re literally the only ones who I can get hold of

Just went to order some meds and saw the GP sent an angry letter to MH services telling them to deal with it

I must have struck a nerve or something

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I can beat that :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t have a psychiatrist, I was discharged as they said I am too stable. I didn’t have a pdoc for almost a year then I requested one to switch to Clozapine but that didn’t work and now I am discharged again from psychiatric care.

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I see my community nurse every 3 weeks for 2/3 hours even through lockdown. We sat outside for our meetings instead of going for a coffee like we usually do due to Covid. Now its back to normal so coffees in cafes and bars… He takes me out in his car and we often drives places like the village I was born in. This is ongoing for 6 years.

I see my pdoc every 6 months, because of my psychosis around pdocs my community nurse deals with all pdoc stuff and relays it back to pdoc. I had a community treatment renewal and my pdoc come to my house with social worker to renew it.

I’m in the intellectual disability service.

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