Who else has lost faith in humanity?

Not from my experience, it usually takes someone with an extraordinary brain or someone of an entirely different species for that to be true. I’d rather not discuss this anymore because obviously I just pissed everyone off trying to discuss my inner demons when I should’ve just kept it to myself.

You dont piss me off at all schizofriendia. Im sorry you cant find a better way to feel better about yourself than to put others down. Inner demons lol, that was a good one. Pathetic and weak. Nothing to envy here.

Once is no problem really but when it happens year after year after year after year then there’s something seriously wrong.

Like when someone keeps following you everywhere you go and hordes pictures of you and keeps showing up year after year after year after year and keeps trying to talk to your family in a malicious way over the internet for year after year after year after year and probably gets a group of people to participate in his stalking and harassment- and hordes pictures of you. Then ■■■■ gets really creepy really fast.

Thanks for your support though. You don’t know how scary it actually is to be a victim of such extended and elaborate stalking that goes on for almost a decade. Trust me you don’t know how scary it is especially after you havn’t even talked to the person in like six or seven years and have no clue of what he’s capable of anymore.

Sorry for throwing my two cents in, but what I was trying to point out is that there has always been a dark side to life. Just deal with it!