Who else got asked how they wanted there money before getting approved or denied for ssi

i got told from ssi mental examiner after i was done with the test that " i would get a call to ask me how i wanted the money either in a debit card or other method".witch made me believe that i won the case i mean who wouldn’t. im starting to believe that everyone gets told that before being approved or denied . this examiner had all my paper work for my case on his desk .i feel disillusioned after hearing from other person that this is protocol for ssi some people even got send there credit card but they were not approved . idk id this is true thats why im asking here lol.

When I applied for food assistance I was sent a bridge card and afterwards I was denied. Not sure about Ssi though

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thanks for the reply .food assitance is food stamps right? thats so weird that they would do that

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Yes, it’s food stamps. But it’s no longer stamps. Now it’s loaded onto a card called a bridge card.

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