Who else finds this interesting?

@Azley ?

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Aliens!!! 121212

I would rather avoid making contact with aliens. They will probably try to rule us or destroy us.

I think they’d just take some samples and download the internet. Those lucky enough to be chosen could be their pets

I wonder how long it took to get here?

LMAO if they are anything like humans they will have us as slaves.

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sounds like scientology propaganda to me lol, they must be recruiting haha

I’ve been watching too much “Ancient Aliens” today to contribute…


Maybe they’re just waiting for the light show to commence.

If they are advanced enough to master interstellar travel they are advanced enough to wipe us out with no trouble. We might as well be friendly.

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They probably wouldn’t need to. Their technology would be advanced enough that all work could be done as easily as scratching their heads. I doubt if they would be sexually attracted to us, so they wouldn’t use us as sex slaves. They might put us on display in zoos, but they’d probably be too advanced for that.

It could be cool to study stuff from another solar system. If it has alien life on it, I’m not sure that would be good or bad…

They will come with CURES

or diseases 1!11

Hey that is pretty cool.

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