Who eats in their sleep

I mean, I woke up from my sleep. Because I was Feeling dehydrated and lumber to the kitchen half awake half asleep and just grab whatever I can find in the fridge and I drank all my milk, even poured a bowl of cereal and ate it back in bed. Don Juan was happy because he got to lick the milk at the bottom of the bowl lol he’s so cute lolll. But no not literally in my sleep but I wasn’t fully awake u know

Who else does this

I wake up I find half eaten cores of apples next to my bed. I really like apples at night.

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I’m a fellow zombie eater. I have hobbit meals on the left side of my fridge. I somehow have trained myself to eat those and not use the oven or stove which I used to do before assembling nighttime snacks :astonished:

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