Who do you think the most beautiful woman is, in the face...who is famous

I think Kathy Ireland is the most beautiful woman in the face. I also think Elizabeth Taylor is the second most beautiful woman in the face.

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Marilyn Monroe number one…number two Charlize Theron.


I always thought Christy Turlington was.

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Catherine Hendricks could pass for a Jessica Rabbit, but I don’t really go for that anymore. Looks high maintenance.

I want an average low maintenance loyal wife. That would be beautiful to me.

And Marissa Berenson

Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch in their prime.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is very pretty. My mom thinks her bone structure gives her a face that won’t age well but I disagree, I think she’s gorgeous. I also think Taylor Swift is very hot.

If we’re talking busty women though, my vote is with Christine Hendricks or Catherine Bell, or even Lily from the AT&T commercials.

I prefer asian women but there isn’t a great range of them to choose from among famous US celebrities.

When I was in my late 20’s, I had a serious crush on Shannen Dougherty from Beverly Hills 90210. Does anyone remember that show?

Yes i remember fifteen

I think penelope Cruz is stunning

I always had a liking in Cindy Crawford and Sophia Loren in their prime

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