Who do you take your meds for


For myself. I wanna feel as good as posible.


I take them for myself and for society. For myself so that Iā€™m not miserable. For society so that I do not make everyone else miserable along with me.


I got off my meds and started running around the neighborhood like a lunatic. This lasted for a year. I showed up to an appointment with a clinician and an ambulance was waiting for me. Been court ordered ever since.


I take them so I can say Iā€™m doing something for managing my mental health. It feels like a hollow excuse sometimes


For myself, and my loved ones. Iā€™m non violent, but I get extremely high anxiety and that can affect everyone.


For myself , and for the pressure it would put on family if I went off my depot and things went pear shaped.


for my kids

I had to raise them and I was getting way off

but now I take them to stay alive


For myself 15 āœ“āœ“āœ“


I cannot live quality life without meds, why should I stop taking them. If I am sick I take meds


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