Who do we blame for Everything going up?

I can’t believe I’m already almost outta gas, and I don’t go anywhere.

it’s not good in the winter to have low petro.

well damn straight they should have raised our checks this year.

this is not a political post, is it?

hope not.

Grocery and gas prices are up in my part of Canada. I have had to change shopping habits.


I heard energy bills will go up by 45 percent from. A colleague. Like wtf.

Not sure it’s correct or will actually happen

It’s a good question

Who do we blame or wat do we blame or why

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Energy prices have sharply increased in Belgium. Especially electricity and gas. Wages have gone up also though as they are automatically adjusted to inflation.

I think you can blame corona and generous governments.

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Blame the govs lol

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Its supply and demand. Everybody wants the same thing so the price goes up. Its because covid is over

well, used to be back in the day, buy USA. all fleets are owned by China coming in here. we don’t even have control of that.

=^…^= =^…^= =^…^= =^…^= This is above my pay grade.

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COVID-19 has caused supply chain disruptions and high consumer demand for goods. In other words, demand is much higher than supply, so prices increase.

Inflation will decrease as the supply of goods increases, along with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

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what are you trying to say, Make more?

Supply will increase, demand will decrease. Inflation will decrease. Basic economics.

This thread definitely has political undertones, with people blaming one party…both parties…etc. Considering closing. Try to focus on economics please and don’t turn into politics or will have to close.

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yeah, well I’m an English major, guess I missed the Dummies for Business.

Why are energy costs going way up though? I read its more about ‘net zero’ emissions policies thats driving it up.

blame me if u want

Covid vaccinations have opened up the economy, but the oil is just not there (due to global shutdown) to meet the demand.

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best thing Dems ever did, shut down drilling Trump set up in the National Artic Refuge.

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we’ve got plenty.


Gas prices are way high right now. I remember back when it was under a dollar. I was just a kid in the 90s. But it’s only been 20 years and gas prices are quadruple