Who comfort eats?

I’ve been feeling low and tormented. I don’t smoke gamble drug or drunk.

I’ve put on 16kgs from the clozapipine as well as the eating.

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I also on clozapine
Have comfort eaten for a few years gained lot weight
Finally stopped comfort eating. Now
And eating healthy
Am starting to lose weight

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How did you loose the weight?

Reduced calories and fat ready meals
Lots veg
Some fruit
No comfort eating
Decided don’t want be fat and do not want diabetes

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exercise and portion control…there’s not too much else you need!

Get stable first! It’s common to put on weight early so that is hard if your in hospital but it’s about discipline.

Protien isn’t bad…watch the carbs if your sedenatary!

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I used to be real active then I became anorexic and I’m scared it will happen again if I diet and exercise.

Don’t crash diet. Eat balanced meals

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Keep energy up. Don’t starve. Protein is good will keep you feeling filled but you need a balance to be healthy. Eat lots of fruit and veg and take portion controlled bits of protein.

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I’ve lost weight, mostly because I can’t afford to comfort eat.
I sometimes eat chips and dip, though.


I comfort eat when i hear voices too :cry:

It’s hard to lose weight when your on a antipsychotic. I eat very small and healthy meals (only about 1300 kcalories a day) and I managed to lose only 5 lbs during summer but during my vacation I gained 3 lbs in only 10 days just because I ate a little more than usual because I went to restaurants many time to eat seafoods.

You can gain weight A LOT faster than you lose weight.

Even if I have a healthy weight I want to lose some more weight.

I used to binge on food to make me feel better. It led to me becoming like 250 pounds at age 14.

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The voices tease me about my weight too :cry:

Thank gosh I don’t comfort eat. I watch what I eat very closely.

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Food has been my main vice too.

Im on a new diet. Starting from today.but i dont want to call it a diet cause it has die in it lmao.

I’m an emotional eater, real bad. I’m quitting sugar right now, which is one of my comfort foods. 2 days almost no sugar

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Good on you @tera keep strong. Ive had a relapse today and had chocolate but i suppose tommorrows a new day

that’s cool that they gave you chocolate at the hospital, if you’re still in

I comfort eat also.
Just awful. :confused:

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