Who cares no motivation

Idk how to keep a grasp of what happiness I have . I was told to get over myself

Well I probably do cos I get cursed out. No one really gives a ■■■■ execept fixing to be dead bird. What is there to get over me

I will do it worry about it absolutely nothing nobody special you can sit on it n smoke your Doobie.

I want a soda. No caffeine drinks they’re good

Nobody watch a schizophrenic idiot go on about Chihuahuas ■■■■■■■ during loud tejano music. Trying to compete with nothing.

Sorry you’re having such a hard time @roxanna.

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I have just enough motivation to shower daily and go to some monthly meetings with my mental health team.

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The only thing good today is waking up. Idk

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You can have good quality life Roxanna… it’s possible… there is miracles in the world… just try everything that can help you… go on a journey and discover what helps you and share it with others


Thank you hugs😊


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